Bloody legacy

This is a weird legacy that I came up with. It’s just for fun, there is no points or anything. Play how you want ๐Ÿ™‚

[Under construction]

Lifespan: short
Mods: Any, really ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Select any teen in your world. This will be your main sim
  2. Once the teen is adult and has at least one sibling, move them out following the rules under Move out
  3. This first sim is treated differently because it is the start sim and the sibling can be a half sibling and they don’t have to be born in wedlock.
  4. The first sim takes no money when moving out


The goal is to take over an entire world, all the lots in the selected worlds should be an ancestral home by your relatives

Selecting heir

Decide how you select your heir, here’s how I do it

  • children born out of wedlock has no claim to anything. They will move out when they are young adults. They have to move to a friend or significant other and are not allowed to take any money with them
  • When the main sim has two children of the same marriage:
    • If one is a male, that is the heir
    • If the children are the same sex, the older is the heir

Move out

The child with a claim that is not the heir will move out.

  1. Select any adult (young adult, adult or elder) in your game and move them out from their current family. Do not bring any money with them
  2. Move them into another populated lot in the same neighborhood, do not evict, the sims currently living there.
  3. Immediately kill any sim of the same gender

Getting a partner

  • Moving in is fine, but remember to marry the partner before babies are born so they are eligible for the bloodline
  • When a lover moves in, all remaining sims of the same sex as the lover is to be killed
  • The partner cannot know you are killing people. If they find out, they break up with you!


  • All gravestones are to be kept on the lot (not in inventory) and you may not “release to netherworld”
  • Main sim has a wish for pregnancy randomized (use Woohoo wellness mod or just keep track of it):
    • Don’t want it right now
    • Neutral
    • Want pregnancy
  • Main sim will practice safe sex if they don’t want pregnancy and respect their partners wish if they are neutral
  • Randomize aspiration and Pregnancy wish for every time you reach an aspiration milestone OR when a new offspring is born OR when the sim gets a promotion!
  • Every monday:
    • if the active lot has less than three lot trait, add random lot traits so it has three
    • If it has three, remove the leftmost one and randomize one new

Optional limitations for extra fun

  • Optional: ONLY use interaction that the game suggests. Never go into the deeper categories! (except for when killing)
  • Sims only get a job when their whims or aspiration says to

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