Short Lifespan Legacy (SLL)

Here is my modified version!


Get to 10 generations. We don’t count points, we just want to have fun.


Starting money: 0, but after they bought any empty lot. (bb.testingcheats on , money 0)

Simself? If you want, but it’s kind of fun to randomize a sim through the new game wizard!

Lifespan: EA default on short lifespan OR shorter with mods

No age prolongation item is allowed, bodybuilder aspiration bonus traits is allowed. (I don’t know what items there could be, just putting this here though)

Mods: None that will give you an advantage. I am going to play without ANY mods for this one.

Aging up: Always randomize traits and aspiration. If your sim has a birthday on the calendar, you must have them age up that day (the game is not always good at doing this, I had twins age up 2 days apart when I just waited)

Aspirations: NO switching until its fullfilled. Always randomize, but give teens a teen aspiration.

No dragging anything to NanoCan Trash Can, you can still use it by having sims to throw the NanoCan Trashcan.

Be BFF with whomever you want 🙂

Moving in

  • Romantic partners to the founder/heirs can move in.
  • Every sim can only have one romantic partner living with them at any time
  • Children of any sim on the lot can move in if and only if they do not bring any money. They have to ask to move in with you, and you can only move in the one that asks.

Moving out

  • Heirs can not move out
  • Partners can only move out if they leave you for someone else (this one is hard to set clear rules for, use your judgement)
  • Sims can only move out by marrying someone and join their household
  • Sims that are moving out bring all that could be considered their belongings with them and half the household funds.
    • Anything not fitting in the sim inventory is sold and money is given to the sim moving out.
    • Anything in the room with their bed is probably theirs (unless they share room, again, judgement)
    • If something was bought specifically for them or a want they had, it’s theirs.
  • Optional: Always move world so that every new heir is born in a new world, you cannot use the same twice. Just for variety 🙂

Reproducing (pregnancies and science babies)

  • Females can try for baby whenever they want, Their life will always be prolonged by pregnancy anyway.
  • No pregnancy test, if you’re not sure try again. (Ah, just like in sims 2 with the silent pregnancy mod)
  • Science babies are only allowed with a partner you are married to
  • Only biological descendants of the founder can be heirs
  • There must be born a girl and a boy in each generation, IN your household (if they was born to the mate before they move in, they do not count towards this), adoption counts (but they cannot be heirs)

Original “HURRY UP” rules

I found this post, with the following rules:

1. Set the lifespan to short instead of normal (no aging mod except if it makes it even shorter)

2. No birthday cake/party, you have to forget their birthday (making your sims sad how fast their lives have past)

3. You can’t move out anybody, you have to wait for one of them to die (killing them is legal)

4. No age prolongation item is allowed, bodybuilder aspiration bonus traits is allowed

5. You can change aspiration whenever you want but the main aspiration is still the one that is scored. (the one that you chose in cas or age up menu)

6. No dragging anything to NanoCan Trash Can, you can still use it by having sims to throw the NanoCan Trashcan.

7. If the notification for a female sims that they are about to age up, (usually 2 days before aging up) she can’t try for baby because it can prolong her life.

8. No pregnancy test, if you’re not sure try again.

9. If they’re still alive any heir should and can only be best friend with their grandson! (not tested this yet! I suppose when a sims are dead they will lose their best friend status)

Original Sims 3 Speed Legacy rules

The post above links this post as the original, to be modified.

The Premise: It’s a 10 generation legacy using your simself as the founder.

The Twist: Use the Short Life Span!

The Rules:

Keep the lifespan on SHORT, though the following break down is recommended:

>Infant= 1 day
>Toddler= 1 day
>Child= 1 day
>Teen= 2 days
>Young Adult= 6 days
>Adult= 5 days
>Elder= 4 days

*Just keep the lifespan on short*

-Your founder must be your simself
-You can use any townies or people from your bin as the spouse/other parent.
-You can use any cheats EXCEPT cheats that will help you with obtaining money directly. Money cheats include (but are not limited to) kaching, motherlode, freerealestate, cheating your sim into a higher position on work
-Each generation, a boy and girl must be born

->You cannot edit any of your heirs/spares in CAS unless it is to change their clothing or hairstyle. You can however, age them up.

Note: By aging them up in CAS, you cannot reverse the action, they must stay that age. No eternal youth!

->Adoption isn’t forbidden. But as with normal legacies, you can’t have them as heirs/heiresses.

->Be sure to keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to have the heir/heiress have children. Use it wisely.

Otherwise, have fun!

Feel free to use this thread to post pictures of your family and progress, ask questions or just have fun. If you post pic spam on a blog or tumblr, you can link that here as well!

Credit to Alex, Audge and the Giant Plumbob as due 😛

Q: Do I have to start on the 60×60 empty lot like in a regular legacy?
A: Nope!

Q: My sims just won’t have a girl (or boy) and time is running out! Can I adopt the opposite gender?
A: Yes, the adopted child just can’t be the heir(ess); only biological children can inherit the line.

Q: Do I have to stay in one house/keep the founders/heirs all in one house?
A: Nope, your heir can move out on their own, move in with their spouse or grandma and grandpa can retire in Florida – so to speak. Do what you need to do!

Q: Can I edit townies, IFs, foreigners, etc in CAS that are potential mates?
A: Yes, I don’t see why not as you could just as easily make your own mate in CAS and plop them in the town. Heirs and Spares are off limits to CAS edits obviously.