Mods and cheats

Mods I have or have had or want to try in my game. Use at your own risk and so on.


I have a lot of the mods listed on her page, and I really recommend you check out Pleasant Sims The Sims 2 Recommended Mods List!


Error when getting off school bus – Fix by Tunaisafish






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Carreer and university

Relations and romance

Multi purpose objects



  • Townie Body Diversity – Any spawned townies have a chance of being either fat or fit. Every Sim is no longer thin.

Game modifications


Complete collection

This isn’t mods, but items you might have had before but is now not available to buy any more:

For “manual adoption”

PleasantSims has a video here about how to do it and what mods are needed:


  • Object Relocator
    • The Object Relocator is a utility for moving Buy and Build Mode objects around in the catalog en-masse by changing their Room, Function, Sub-Function, Community, Build and Sub-Build flags, and also their Price.

Cheat codes you may need

boolprop controlpets on – Lets you add actions for pets AND roommates

boolprop petactioncancel true – Lets you cancel actions for pets AND roommates

setquartertileplacement on – After you’ve entered the cheat “setquartertileplacement on”, you can toggle it on and off with ctrl+f.

boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false – enable build mode on a community lot. Handy if you need to delete a sim with the flu or something